Why Join E-Cell ?

Dear Freshers,
We hope that you are enjoying your initial days in the college and have already made some new friends. Without a doubt, friends will be the best part of your college life. We are glad to have you on the campus too. 🙂

College is that stage in one’s life when you grow from a teenager and into a young adult ready to take charge of your own life. There are many dreams, aspirations one wants to achieve and college feels just the right place to do it. All of us will become engineers, trained to develop software, build other technological products, know the latest technology and how to use it. Some of us will even work in Silicon Valley with Facebook or Google. We’ll be graduates dealing with the challenges in the technical world. But do you think that is enough? Having all the technical knowledge in the world? Do you think it can get you to google? Or make a google of your own?

I suppose the answer is very obvious. You might be very good at developing or competitive coding but, you are not good enough if you don’t know how to sell it. To sell is one of the most important skills one should have.
We, here at Entrepreneurship Cell, LNMIIT try to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit amongst the students in college. Following are some key aspects you can look for if you wish to join the club:-

  1. Become a Hustler. Yes! We just get the shit done. This kind of attitude will always help you reach your goals faster and keeps you motivated in the long run. We try to have motivational talks, time-bound tasks in order to be actively involved in doing stuff.
  2. Become capable to Sell. You’ll all soon realize how selling yourself, your ideas, your experience while getting a job/ internship is important. We participate and organize a lot of events which will definitely help you achieve the same.
  3. Professionalism. You’ll learn to interact with thorough professionals of the startup ecosystem around Jaipur, Delhi, and Rajasthan as a whole. Many Startups, Incubation Centres, and VC firms have partnered with us earlier in our events.
  4. Networking. Learn how to network with people around and how to exploit your connection with them. Hustling is always about Networking. Knowing people is important. It gives you an edge over others.
  5. Leadership. In any field, be it corporate or any other, leadership is one of the deciding factors of your personality. How you inspire? How you make someone believe in you? How you make someone so better in your presence that the effects last in your absence? We give you all possible platforms to prove yourself as a leader. Come, speak up, manage, lead.  
  6. Team Work. When you’re doing a startup or participating in a hackathon or some other event, it’s the “we” that matters, not the “me”. At E-Cell, you “come together, keep together, work together” to achieve the ultimate goal. Contacting corporate giants for organizing events, none can be, achieved without collective work.

Of course, We can’t guarantee that we’ll teach you all of these. It is your choice how much do you want all of these things. It depends on you and your choices, what you do, How much do you take in. You get to meet new people, make new friends and most importantly you get to improve yourself. We can only say that if you wish to join E-Cell, you are welcome.

Therefore, We, here at Entrepreneurship Cell, LNMIIT invite the fresher batch to attend our Introductory meet and our Introductory event “Yellow Pages” to get a glimpse of what is in there for you.

PS:- Explore all the clubs you can, check out on every other opportunity you get, make friends, live, laugh and enjoy. These 4 years of your college are the best ones in your life. Cheers.


                                                                            –Mayuri Agrawal



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