Yellow Pages ‘16: Painting freshers in colour of Entrepreneurship

It is never too late to start. All you need is an end to hold and follow the path to reach the aimed. The new members in college mean fresh minds, enthusiasm and energy that need to be channelized. Entrepreneurship Cell, LNMMIT organized the benchmark event ‘Yellow Pages’ to give a glimpse of the startup world to brains full of ideas.


‘Yellow Pages’ is an inter-team challenge where we bound the team with resources like time and budget and propel in the people, a need to come up with a feasible idea to start within the market. To ensure freshness and zest of the idea, newspapers are given to look for a problem inside and device a solution. This year an enormous number hit the board with 220 students willing to share their business model on this platform in teams. To guide them were 30 E-Cell student mentors, who have been in close contact with ever growing entrepreneurship space.



Chinmay Agrawal (Founder and CEO, CabDay), Dhiyavasu Bhadauria (Founder and CEO, EventGraphia) and Gaurav Maheshwari (Founder, Headway) were in the judging panel who left no stone unturned to communicate and convey the maximum knowledge in short span of time. After forty minutes of brainstorming, the time was to present the whole business model proving the idea sustainability in the market.



Students not only learned the problem solving but also had a tickle of fun and entertainment. The prize worth 3000 INR were distributed which added to the excitement of the participants.

Entrepreneurship Cell, LNMMIT is about learning and learning together.

We hope to see a large number in Recruitments – 2016 of the club. Together we learn, together we grow and together we succeed.

– Akshi Aggarwal



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