Sell with E-Cell’16 – Bazaar by Entrepreneurs

Sell with E-C­ell is the last yet the most awaited event of the year that is organized by  E­cell,
LNMIIT. Its main motive is to make the students of all the year test their entrepreneurial skills
and compete with each other in order to win and prove themselves to be great entrepreneurs.
The event witnessed an overwhelming response from the students and a significant amount of
revenue Rs 65,000 was generated during the four hours of the main event.


(Participants bidding for their stall in the bidding event.)

The event commenced with the auctioning of stalls where all the teams appeared to bid for the
stall as per its location. Enthusiasm during the bidding was consistently high as the bidding
continued and stalls started getting sold. Total 22 teams were seen bidding for 19 stalls,
trying to get a stall in the lowest price and at the best location.

As the bidding commenced and ended in a flash of a second, a swift movement of the
competition took turn on the online platform as well. The negotiation in the bidding war,
creativity in the logo, promotion via word of mouth and online was all tested all at once over a
matured audience of 1500 people. Exciting was to see how online competition took its turf, with a team crossing a staggering 700+ likes on the facebook post with many nearing on the second place.

The Director of the institute, Prof. S.S. Gokhale, all the faculty members and the administration staff with their families were invited by The Entrepreneurship Cell to grace the event by their presence. Prof. Anupam Singh and Prof. Surinder Singh Nehra (Faculty Mentors, E­cell) were invited to judge
the various entrepreneurial skills of the participants at Sell with E­cell’16.


(Prof. S.S. Gokhale with Mrs. Beena Gokhale buying the first coupons.)

The date marked March 16, 2016, on the event day 19 stalls were seen with teams all set to
sell their products and bring a breakthrough in a 3 hour business competition . Prof. S.S.
Gokhale,The Director and Mrs. Beena Gokhale were the ones to inaugurate the event by getting the stalls their first business and appreciated all the members of teams at the stalls and E­Cell as well. The judge supervised and questioned each and every student owning the stall and awarded the marks based on the overall performances of individual teams.




(The core organizing committee of Sell with E-Cell 2016.)

The notable sponsors of the event were ­

1. Pizza World

2. Hitbuk Mitbuk

3. Chatkazz

4. Jaipur Digital

5. Motorola Pitch Off

We,here at Entrepreneurship Cell, aim to build a common platform to boost the entrepreneurship skills inside every individual involved.

              We sustain,we maintain, again and again


                                                                                                    –  Mayuri Agrawal

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