The Gravillon- Chat to Change


                                        Doors open to those who are bold enough to knock!

Internship? Startup? Networking? Skills? and many more question marks ponder in young brains now-a-days. This era has been converted into ‘Era of Entrepreneurs’. The zest in young fellows is exploding, need is  to just channelize it to the correct cave.

We, here at The Entrepreneurship Cell, LNMIIT-Jaipur aim at forging new ideas, nurturing them and leading them to stairs of success. We believe in boosting the individual skills and communal growth.

So thus maintaining the legacy, here is our latest  “THE GRAVILLON- Chat Show”. It is defined and designed such a way to render  minds a motivation, a driving force that blends desires with goals and achievement.

The very first episode of  The Gravillon started with an expected hustle and bustle. The show was opened up by startup enthusiast and a witty host- Siddharth Nahar. We had guests- ‘people’ with the ultimate jewel of ‘experience’. Their achievements are commendable and a pool of knowledge and adventures.



We had Gaurav Maheshwari, a pre-final year guy at The LNMIIT-Jaipur, who did Startup Trek, a journey brimming up with meetings with startups, networking, travel, fun and unexpected thrills within entrepreneur ecosystem. He owns a startup-Lead Intern to his name. Also he is the ‘man behind Negotio‘. Negotio was a B-Plan cum Crowd Funding event with an extravagant panel of judges on board. He witnessed the ‘kicks’ he got when he was on trek, how he absorbed the culture entrepreneurs adopt when he worked on Lead intern, how Negotio made him a wholesome asset. He laid stress on how failures and setbacks he faced served as ‘reality check’ to him and helped him sort out the entangled mistakes. He stated “The soft skills are zeros to you. They gain value when you add the one of hard skills to it”. This saying stole the show that evening. The faces glimmered with a desire to hustle for their dreams,to never give up. Fan following of Gaurav landed him into a crucial round of chit chat with students.He aptly clarified the mind boggling problems faced by student new to entrepreneurship.



The session changed turned a new turn with  Sumit Sapra. This young fellow, Sophomore at The LNMIIT-Jaipur, handled Operations and Marketing at one of the exponentially progressing startup-Wishup. He shared his experience of having amazing working space, chilled out meetings with co-founders, happening colleagues and his job trials.  He mentioned that idea on which Wishup works was what inspired him to work for concierge service startup. He told about his passion about entrepreneurship and how his wish ‘Wishup‘ helped him actually to reach the roots of building a startup. He efficiently lead one of the most extravagant event by E-Cell – Startup Intern Fair’16. It was a platform to bring budding startups and willing interns together under one umbrella with 19 startups and 390 students. The chaps sitting there could feel the rush of blood in heart saying ‘i can do it and i will do it’. The question and answer session with Sumit was a teach up to students and also balanced the humour quotient of the show. All thanks to team ‘Sapra’s batchmates’.




The Gravillon is here to just be the lantern when you walk on the path of your dreams, following your passion and aiming success. Siddharth, himself being an entrepreneur and founder of ‘Delivery Santa‘, binded all the key extracts out of the crazy chats and also added on his personal experiences to it. We wrapped up on a beautiful note.

                                        The more you hustle, the more you learn.

Minimalistic text of an inspirational saying Stay humble hustle


Are you confused how to go for with your ‘techy touch’ to a startup? We have a lot more waiting for you in the next episode.

Stay tuned. Keep connected

                                                                                                                   –Akshi Aggarwal



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